Projects in New York City certify to the NYC Overlay of the 2020 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria.

With the filters on the navigation bar, select "Project will follow NYC Overlay." Now, click through the criteria categories. If a criterion is impacted, you'll see the NYC Overlay text prior to that criterion's Rationale. The NYC Overlay clarifies which criteria NYC projects will meet as-of-right, which national optional criteria are required by the NYC Overlay, and additional NYC Overlay requirements and guidance that are relevant for projects in the city.

For a shorter version of the NYC Overlay, visit the Checklist page of this site and download an Excel or pdf version of the NYC Overlay checklist. Use the Excel version during design to tally your points and track progress. Substantial and Moderate Rehab projects are required to earn at least 55 optional points, and New Construction projects are required to earn at least 60 points.

Download a Microsoft Excel version 
of the NYC Overlay checklist that you can complete offline

Download a PDF version
of the NYC Overlay checklist

In addition to fulfilling the mandatory and optional criteria requirements, projects in NYC that are financed by HPD are required to ensure key team members have attended training sessions, conduct a solar feasibility assessment, submit a Prebuild Authorization Package to HPD's Sustainability Unit, and submit documentation of compliance at loan closing and conversion. For a full description of the progress, head over to HPD's page on the Green Communities Criteria and review this HPD Protocol.

As New York City's energy code is updated, many project teams have been interested in exploring how this compares with ENERGY STAR's requirements.  Staff at ENERGY STAR have completed a comparison of the 2020 NYCECC and ENERGY STAR.

This webinar discusses the critical components of the 2020 Overlay, significant changes compared to the 2015 Overlay, and the new HPD Pre-Approval process. It is targeted towards development staff, green building consultants, architects, engineers, and construction managers, who interested in learning about the 2020 Enterprise Green Communities NYC Overlay requirements.