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Green Communities Criteria & Certification


Now is the time to move green affordable housing techniques from best practice to normal practice. That’s the goal of Enterprise Green Communities. Join us on this journey and explore our green rating system, certification program and technical resources. We applaud your commitment to green affordable homes – and we’re here to support you.

What’s New

Certification Process Updates: The New Approach to Reviews

Congratulations to Thessalonica Court by Jonathan Rose Companies! 

Certification Plus in the New 2020 Criteria

  • Properties in the District of Columbia have a new option for compliance with Criterion 5.2b and achieving Certification Plus. Read all about it in our new Addenda.

Using The Site

Meet the First 20

Design Your Building to Meet the 2020 Criteria

  • Use the filter to view only those criteria requirements and options applicable to your project’s construction type and setting.
  • Print a PDF of your checklist to share with project team members.
  • Download a working Excel checklist to track and score your criteria goals offline.
  • Stay up to date on all 2020 Green Communities Addenda and FAQs.

Learn About Green Building Certification

  • Use certification to assess and recognize your buildings that achieve Enterprise’s green requirements. Review our step-by-step overview of certification.
  • Download customizable templates, tools and calculators for your green building certification submittal.


  • Find a green building consultant to assist with your project.
  • Learn how to implement green building practices throughout your project with our guides, reports, case studies recorded trainings and more.

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